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Saffron selling price according to the ISO standard, the best saffron we sell is the Class I. Having said this since it is the best type of saffron, it is also more expensive than Class II or Class III saffron.

Always keep an open mind when buying expensive spices. Check on the seal to make sure that you are dealing with the real thing. We always give products with seals and this verify our authenticity. The stigmas of the Crocus sativus are the saffron and it exudes a sweet and aromatic fragrance. Its sweet smell is quite deceptive because the taste of dried saffron is rather bitter.

However, the bitterness does not prevail and if it were to be given an overall description it would probably be described as intense but light.

Saffron selling price online purchase of pure quality products

Saffron powder is of a lot of benefits and that’s the major reason why it’s demand is too high on international level.

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Spanish saffron powder



BUY:$8.70 per gram

11 kilograms/ min order





Iran is the country ranked to be the highest saffron producer and exporter worldwide and it’s product is also of good grade.

Saffron selling price online purchase at international level

We have made it easy for traders and buyers of this saff-product. Our company engage in selling and delivering saff-products world wide.

By using your computer or mobile smartphone, you can now place your orders here.

Don’t forget that we use both shipping and air transport delivery services and the fees are charged on the product price.


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