Buy saffron threads online

Buy saffron threads online at very affordable prices with delivery online. Saffron is sold in many varieties and at different prices.

What comes across your mind when you here about SAFF-THREADS, this is one of the world’s expensive spices and its obtained from dry stigmus of a plant called crocus sativus.

Buy saff-threads in large quantities here online and your package will as well be delivered to you in 3 to 6 days.

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I want to buy saffron threads online

As its listed above, saffron is sold in many varieties and at different prices. So checkout the type of saffron you want so that you purchase a package of your choice.


Pure red thread or mongra saffron

BUY: $8.5 per gram

20 kilograms/ min order





The above type of saffron is the best of all varieties and it’s ranked to be the most expensive one because of its quality. It’s cultivated on the Kashmir soils of India and its local name is Mongra or Lacha saffron.


Iran produced


BUY: $5.00 per gram

15 kilograms/ min order





All around the globe, Iran is the country that produces the larges number of saffron bags annually and this nation plays a very big role in saff-cultivation.

There are other types of saffron we have on market and they are as follow;

  • Italian saffron -$4.2 per gram
  • Grade one persian saffron -$5.99 per gram
  • Super negin saffron -$6.00 per gram
  • Spanish saffron-  $3.19 per gram
  • Moroccan saffron -$7.2 per gram

We sell saffron powder as well and other types of saff-products here on our blog and we do deliveries to all countries.

Place your orders and buy saffron threads online

For all of you looking for pure and high quality saffron press your  orders in today. We have a 30 days refund policy for our customers who would like to return back the sold out package.

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