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Buy saffron online today from where you are a cross the world. Our company has terms and conditions a buyer must follow in order to completely make the purchase.

For a buyer to completely purchase saffron here, there is information we get from you and it’s used in a lot of things.

The information we receive from you depends on what you do when you visit our site.

It is optional for our viewers to live their personal information in our hands and this is supposed to be done when the visitor is assuming to make a purchase on our products.

We want our website to be more  convenient to users and visitors that’s why request you to live a comment on anything you’ve seen going wrong.

Buy saffron online policy

We are committed to protecting your privacy and using any personal information you provide responsibly. The information you give to us is held carefully.

It is important for our visitors to understand the kind  information of we get from them, how it’s used and who uses it exactly;

  • Your identity card names for recognition.
  • Your address and ZIP CODE are used in the delivery process by our product suppliers.
  • Your credit card information is used by our banker when your making a payment.


We have a 30 days return policy in which we refund back the amount of money paid by our customers.

Remember that we only refund after receiving the returned package and this can only be done in the first days after your purchase.

If you decide to return half of the merchandise, you will still receive a refund accordingly based on the total purchase price as long as it did not damaged.

Your money must be sent back on the same credit card used in the purchase. Don’t forget to contact us before sending back the package.

Buy saffron online today

Your complete satisfaction is our ultimate goal. Buy pure and high quality saffron here online by placing your order.

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